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B&Y was founded in 1984 by Bob Stanich after he graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Biology.  "From day one, I've built integrity and getting the job done right into the DNA of our company," says Bob.  "This isn't a minor thing for us, or some slogan.  We also focus on having the most advanced capacities for pest control.  So when we get a call, we bring the best skills, tools, and experience to the table. No matter what, even if we have to make a return visit on our dime, we'll get the job done right.  End of story."


"There are a lot of pest control companies out there," says Jesse Stanich, B&Y's General Manager, and Bob's son. "But the reason we've thrived in the face of massive chains,

B&Y Pest Control Albuquerque

is that we treat all of our clients like neighbors and family.  My dad's focus on integrity is embedded throughout the company, so every single call we go on gets excellent service. We also take the time to educate our clients. Sometimes they may call us with a simple pest problem, and we'll just tell them, 'You don't need pros for this, here's what you do...'.  That may cost us money, but it's the right thing to do.  People appreciate that.  And when they do need us, we get the job done right, whatever it takes."

B&Y Pest Control Albuquerque

Bob's son and our GM, Jesse Stanich, next to one of our new rides. If you've enjoyed some of the interesting posts on our Facebook page, thank Jesse.​

B&Y Pest Control Albuquerque

Our Lead Technician and Bob's son, Zion K. Stanich, who has worked at B&Y since 1990, and is excptionally knowledgable in every facet of the industry.

24/7 emergency calls & normal business:

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