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Ant Control Albuquerque


Ants can be tough to treat, primarily because of the importance in identifying exactly what kind of ant you're dealing with. Misidentification can make a treatment useless, and given that there are over a dozen types of ants you might find causing problems in the Albuquerque region, you need to know your enemy.



Another problem that makes ants tough to treat, is that they may not have their nest anywhere near your home, as they very well could be hosted on your neighbor's property.  Knowing how they're getting into your house can also be an important step in eliminating your problem - sometimes, they may be getting to your house from poorly trimmed bushes or trees, and through easily sealable spaces.  Like roaches, getting rid of ants isn't a simple issue of spraying - it takes a multi-pronged approach, including environmental preparation, pathway elimination, and possibly an attack with several tools at once. 


Also, perhaps more than with any other pest, ants seem to have generated the most 'home remedies'.  Unfortunately, very few work, and the vast majority of them only deal with the symptom - such as killing their scent trails, or killing the ants directly while on the march. This does virtually nothing for the overall infestation. 

Ant Control Albuquerque

Theyv'e been at this a lot longer than we have - about 120 million years, and about 22,000 separate species.  They're very hardy creatures.

Ant Control Albuquerque

Cutting off the scent trail to get rid of ants eating something in your house is as simple as windexing across their path - but it might take awhile to get them out of your cereal.

Ant Control Albuquerque

One colony can hold millions of ants.

Ants are truly amazing creatures - take a look at this video to see how massive the underground cities are that some of them build.

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