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Pigeon Control Albuquerque

B&Y is using Ovo-Control as part of a project with the City of Albuquerque, for long-term pigeon population control.​


People generally don't think of pigeons as an invasive species, but they have been defined as such by the USDA, and given how infested they can be with diseases, they are often heard referred to as 'flying rats'. 


Pigeons are both destructive to property, and carry diseases that can be lethal to humans - especially when cleaning their droppings, if dust is inhaled. In addition to Chlamydophila psittaci, which can cause severe respiratory problems, pigeons are also known carriers of West Nile virus, salmonella, and avian flu. Combined with the pathogens in their nests, pigeons can be particularly problematic in conjunction with air conditioning systems, as ducting and areas around AC units are attractive to the birds. 

B & Y provides pigeon removal in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, offering several removal and control options, including 'pigeon proofing' properties, trap & removal, repellents, and for larger properties, installation of the cutting-edge "Ovo-Control" system, which provides the best long-term solution by humanely controlling fertility.


Pigeon Control Albuquerque

Pigeons have filthy nesting areas - a severe allergen and pathogen site.

Pigeon Control Albuquerque

Pigeons can cause severe property damage, especially to signage and roof flashing/seals, as their droppings are highly acidic.

Pigeon Control Albuquerque

B&Y has handled some of the biggest, most challenging pigeon problems in New Mexico.

This is what happens when pigeons aren't controlled - structural hazard, and absolute biohazard (prepare your ears - two bad words).

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