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Gopher Control Albuquerque

Rodents & Other Mammals

B&Y has dealt with virtually any pest mammal you can think of - mice, rats, feral cats, gophers, skunks, coyotes...the list is long.  Depending on the needs of our clients, there are numerous options available, including live trapping.  Each species has distinct behaviors and requirements when dealing with them, which may be different for each client, depending on their locale and family situation.  


Additionally, while insects have their own disease problems that come to bear when closely living with humans, mammals present a different set of problems, including attack, parasites, and their own diseases. Fleas and ticks carried by mammals are known to harbor diseases lethal to humans, and we are in the heart of Hanta Virus territory, which is spread through rodent droppings and aerosolized when sweeping dried dust. Very few people will tolerate a cockroach infestation for very long - but for some reason, sometimes some people just don't feel as much of a sense of urgency in getting rid of pest mammals, short of fear of attack. For many reasons, waiting usually only serves to make the problem worse.

Mouse Control Albuquerque

Mice are known carriers of Hanta Virus, as well as Lyme Disease. Care must be taken even in cleaning up their droppings.

Gopher Control Albuquerque

Gophers - best attacked with the proper tools and strategy, as they are both cagey and nearly impossible to live-trap.

Racoon Control Albuquerque, Racoon Removal Albuquerque

Racoons and Skunks - both known to carry rabies, and have a penchant to disturb trash cans and domestic pets.

Bats seem to be a key vector for rabies - it can infect any mammal, from mice and skunks to horses and cougars.  Bat occlusion is a service we offer, as is trapping feral and wild animals.

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