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Bed Bug Control Albuquerque


Imagine if the diseases of our pioneer ancestors, such as typhoid or cholera, came back to life far more virulent and destructive before...that's the exterminator's reality with bed bugs. For decades, we just didn't see them, as they were part of a distant time we couldn't relate to, having been largely eradicated by WWII by the broad application of DDT.  Unfortunately, the job wasn't complete in the distant parts of the globe, and these nightmares of a pest have come back in travelers' bags far stronger than before - immune to all but the most severe treatments. They're truly ghoulish  -  sleeping  in  a  bedbug

Bed Bugs

infested bed is worse than bedding down all night in a mosquito nest, as bedbugs create a fecal-matter dust biohazard zone in your mattress, causing allergic reactions and rashes.


Part of the difficulty in eradicating bedbugs is that they are hardy travelers, acting more like bacteria, almost seeming to stick to whatever touches their habitat - they can be brought into the home by pets, on clothing, through the suitcase of a guest, via duct work, and even through nearby homes. Worse, is that their habitat is anywhere humans are - infestations have been brought into homes through contact in subways, taxis, and even movie theater chairs. Complicating this greatly is that once they find their way into a host's environment, they breed and congregate seemly anywhere nearby - including in electrical sockets and even computers.


Unlike many of the pests we encounter, there are virtually zero non-professional treatment options for an individual - it takes pro-grade insecticides, expertise, and often a combination of methods to find and eliminate these creatures.  

Bed Bug Control Albuquerque

Bedbug nymph, enjoying a meal.

Bed Bug Control Albuquerque

Dark spots on your sheets and between your mattress and box spring can indicate bedbug infestation.

Bed Bug Control Albuquerque

Yes, bedbugs will feed on virtually any part of your body.

We have extensive experience with bedbugs - here are a pair of videos to help acquaint you with the problem.

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