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Our Services​

We're experienced with all types of pest removal - everything from insects and reptiles to birds and mammals.  We also handle both large commercial clients, as well as individual homes and properties. 


An important service we offer is both green and traditional pest-control methods. However, we are careful about being honest with our customers, and we will take the time to educate you on the pros and cons of each.  Some green methods do work very well for some applications, but on others, not so much.  It's important to have a conversation about your needs and what our experience has been with various applications; we then let you decide which approach you would like to take from an informed position. 

Pigeon Control Albuquerque
Wasp Control Albuquerque
Spider Control Albuquerque
Termite Control Albuquerque
Roach Control Albuquerque
Snake Removal Albuquerque
Bed Bug Control Albuquerque
Ant Control Albuquerque
Gopher Control Albuquerque

24/7 emergency calls & normal business:

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