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Snake Removal Albuquerque


Like spiders, snakes are predators, and will only 'infest' a home or property under very rare conditions. With snakes, this is almost always a breeding situation.  Whether the species is poisonous or not, and albeit very uncommon, a snake infestation is a very severe problem for a property owner.

That said, what is very common in our area are random appearances of singletons - rattlesnakes and bull snakes, especially. We commonly remove these snakes, especially during certain times of the year.  

Snake Removal Albuquerque

Not an uncommon sight around Albuquerque.

Snake Removal Albuquerque

We commonly get called to remove Bull Snakes, which are often mistaken for Rattlesnakes - which they mimic when scared.

Snake Removal Albuquerque

Garter snakes are good to have around, but occasionally they create a large den on a property, whcih we are called to remove.

Here are a pair of examples of snakes moving in on a home - definitely a situation best addressed by an outside professional:

We were called to remove this Bull Snake, which we relocated to a better area.

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